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What is rowing?

Rowing is an ancient sport officially established in 1828. It's a full-body motion that's best described as a powerful ballet. The sport is the definition of teamwork and each person has a purpose. No one is greater than the other.

Where do you practice?

On-the-water practices are at the Indianapolis Rowing Center located inside Eagle Creek Park. Off-the-water practices are at NIFS or somewhere on IUPUI's campus.

How many days do you practice each week?

We have practices Mondays through Saturdays with a mixture of morning and evening times.

How do I join?

First, contact us either through social media or email the team. Then, come to a practice! From there, our leadership will get you all set up to officially join the team.

How many regattas do have you in a season?

We typically try to go to at least three regattas in surrounding states near Indianapolis. Throughout the season, we do scrimmages with other rowing teams and intrasquad competitions.

What's the team culture like?

We're heavily team-driven and family-oriented. We also understand school, family, and work come first before the team. You're here at IUPUI for academics and career development not just for rowing.

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